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Casting Sofa #134: Fran, Troy couch casting 2014-02-20 1:15
Brandon Lewis, Brenn Wyson in Stiff Times hard 2012-06-01 1:35
Following their Five Star fuckfest in "Bareback Massage", amazing blonde young gay man Jessie Montgomery and sexi stud Blade Woods get intimate again as they answer questions and take suggestions from the Helix Live Expose audience. Acting out the Helix fan's wishes Jessie and Blade spank, rim, and lick each other until they ejaculation Live at Helix Studios. A revealing Live Expose that gives fans the real, unscripted Jessie Montgomery and Blade Woods. dick blond 2013-05-27 2:17
My, my there's definitely not much mighty african deep-throating in this guy one-on-one - and these men are curly boy-friends too! Just wait till you see the jizz flow play the dark-featured warm gals get up to. That's a whole lot of moist fun. sucking twink 2011-10-21 2:00
Casting Sofa #41: Tomas Sebastiani, Jorge couch casting 2014-02-20 1:45
Sexy study buddies Steve Hunt & Lucio Maverick fuck outside fuck sexy 2012-07-19 12:06:26
While kicking around a soccer ball, Lukas takes a spill and sprains his ankle. David Wood helps the limping blondy gay boy to his place and checks him out. What starts off as muscle compression becomes a heated bout of kissing and groping. The young men strip and David makes sure Lukas’ innocent, barely touched stem goes untouched or unkissed. When David reveals his huge plump cock, Lukas devours the uncut beauty and sucks it like he was born to do only that! David then has a desert at Lukas, making a meal out of the twink’s pretty dick. After switching off a few times, the dark-haired top stallion gives his buns up for Lukas to rim then closes in on the blond’s tight pink glory hole like an animal about to taste his prey. Once Lukas is definitely primed, David tears into the delicious fuckhole, barebacking the gay boy until the both spew and Lukas winds up with a nut facial. cock ass 2012-07-13 1:03
Chad Brock, Troy Halston in The Troy of Sex sex 2011-07-21 1:39
Conner Bradley uses his massive cock to fuck the cum out of Austin Tyler this week! fuck ride 2012-02-13 2:33
Woodshop Directed by Chris Ward Wood working has never been hotter than the fucking that takes place in this Woodshop. Hall-of-Fame director, Chris Ward assembles a coarse and rugged crew of master carpenters who are screwing experts. Check out Steve Vex nailing Angelo Marconi, Samuel Colt boring into Damien Drake, Roman Heart (in his first Raging Fellow movie) taking nailed by Morgan Swarthy and Tom Wolfe driving his wood depths into Trent Locke. This Woodshop will make you wish you had not many projects to do with loving helpers like these. Scene One - Angelo Marconi & Steve Vex Both in jeans and shirtless, Angelo Marconi and Steve Vex are doing out in the shop. Angelo works Steve's bulging pecs with his lips and Steve returns the favor, and they get right back to hardcore core kissing. Soon Angelo's on his knees licking Steve's thick tool, choking on it and spitting on it to slather it up really good. You may tell that Angelo loves to blow on a biggest cock, but what he loves even more is taking his loving pussy eaten by a pro. Steve bows him over a business table and goes to town, lapping at it, fingering it and letting Angelo finger himself in between. Now he's prepared to sit down on this humongous piece, so Steve lays back on the business table and let's Angelo mount him. Watching Angelo hop Steve's biggest meat is amazing, and seeing Steve catch over and pound up into Angelo proves that he may catch everything cock. Since they're in the shop, Steve wants to catch his turn really screwing Angelo's hole. He lays Angelo on his back and lifts his legs in the air to give Angelo all his power and force. Stroke after unrelenting stroke, Steve bores depths into Angelo's backdoor until Angelo sprays a feed onto his belly and Steve adds to the pool of creampie by shooting 1 of his own. Scene Two - Samuel Colt & Damien Drake Samuel Colt and Damien Drake find themselves in the woodshop, and even though they are supposed to be working, they are more interested in working each other over. They rub and lick all over each other's ripped bodies, and then lock lips, which leads to more heavy bod contact and the slender Latin Damien wanting to lock his lips around beefy Samuel's wood. But, Damien can't have all the fun, Samuel wants a eat too, so he slurps at Damien's dick and then takes it all the way down his throat. The intensity grows and these studs are screwing fast, Damien bending over the business table and Samuel fucking away at his eager butt. Damien lays back on the table and Samuel rams his way deeper and deeper, while rubbing on Damien's washboard abs. Damien makes fuck-me harder faces, and Samuel answers with hardcore thrusts repeatedly nailing Damien, who milks a stream of creampie out of his hardcore woody. Samuel answers by squeezing a feed onto Damien's dick and balls. Scene 3 - Morgan Swarthy & Roman Heart Making out by the electrical meters, Morgan Swarthy and Roman Heart are generating serious wattage. They are engrossed in each other's mouths, vigorously sucking face. Roman gropes on Morgan's pole which is at full mast. Roman takes right on Morgan's slightly sloping cock, periodically choking when it hits the back of his throat. The super handsome Roman loves taking his face fucked and furry Morgan loves a loving lips on his biggest cock. Lifting a leg up on biggest wire spool, Roman gives Morgan a clear look at his hungry pussy and Morgan probes it with his mouth, stretching Roman's round gals so he may dive deep. It's not huge before Morgan's penis is pounding Roman's hole, and Roman holds on for the savage ride. Once Morgan takes his leverage he jams away delivering hardcore hitting blows to Roman's tight ass. The welcomed slams continue with Roman on his side and his leg in the air. He keeps asking for this rugged stud to fuck him more, and Morgan does it hardcore until he can't hold his feed everything longer and he shoots all over Roman's stomach and Roman spurts 1 out to match. Scene 4 - Tom Wolfe & Trent Locke Tom Wolfe doesn't waste everything time taking Trent Locke out of his shirt. Tom liked doing out, but he wanted to business Trent's nipps and curly chest. He nibbles and licks with his lips and slaps and punches Trent's torso to expose how into it he is. As soon as Tom has his skirt off, Trent mouths his way from Tom's pit to his fur-covered chest to his waist. Trent undoes Tom's belt and goes right for Tom's huge, veined tool. Holding on to Trent's head, Tom guides the lips down to his balls and proceeds to fuck the bearded face of Trent. Trent looks up for approval and Tom tweaks his nipple to expose appreciation for the loving blow work he's receiving. Trent, only in jock strap, climbs the shop ladder and squats down to give Tom a perfect view of his tight, curly hole. Tom buries his face in for a taste, tonguing the stud and sending moans out his body. Holding onto the ladder, Trent steps down to let Tom fuck him right. They catch bends driving, Tom pushing forward depths into Trent and then Trent backing up onto Tom's shaft. This hop takes really blazing when Tom lays back and Trent hops on for not many reverse cowboy, slipping up and down on Tom's rock-hard dick while Tom pinches Trent's nips. Trent's pace accelerates as the jumping takes hotter, and he grabs on his dick to milk a huge stream of creampie from is piss slit. After Trent dismounts, Tom straddles him and jerks a feed onto his torso. muscle anal 2013-04-11 2:00
Golden-skinned Steven Tyler exposes Dylan Brooks his tan lines in the final series of this gigantic hook extravaganza. It looks like Steven’s just been on a holiday in the sun, when the milky-skinned Dylan pulls of Steven’s underwear to fuck him rotten with his gigantic member! Steven’s high, peachy buttocks are a stark contrast to the deep tan on the rest of his toned body, but that only makes it sexier when Dylan slams his sweaty slabs against it, his hook invading Steven. See for Steven slurping his way around the frat stud’s huge hard-on, coating it with spit as well as the pre-cum that’s been pouring from it’s tip. You can almost taste it! The series cums to a close with Dylan holding Steven on his back and ramming his rod repeatedly until both hunks blowjob their considerable loads. Dylan even licks Steven’s sticky spunk off of his chest before coating him with a chubby layer of his own. It’s 1 of the horniest moments of the whole DVD and the perfect way to bring it to a close. If you made it this far, that is! hard cock 2012-08-23 20:11
Casting Sofa #284: Jake Genesis, Sergio Moreno couch casting 2014-02-20 3:11
Announcing The Visitor!! This stunning two-disc major video is the brainchild of GAYVN Award-winning Boss Tony Dimarco. The Visitor is a voyeuristic journey of bareback casual encounters and lust-filled sex--cocks have never been so hard and assholes have never demand for more! The Visitor pornstars GAYVN Performer of the year Logan McCree as Epoc, a scientific researcher from far away who approach to study the pounding and licking of the male species. His research opens his eyes! Watching ramming cock ride deep into male asshole infuses Logan with a deep-seeded want to penetrate and be penetrated. Logan begins preparations for his ultimate experiment! dildo solo 2013-04-11 2:25
Kain Warn and Andre Barclay warm up with some serious snogging and meathook licking to start off this video. Kain then gets Barclay up on his back and opens his hole, giving us a great show. Hungry for more, Barclay gets up on all fours, showing off his beautiful butt for Kain to plunder. Barclay received Kains paw pummeling like a champ cock ass 2013-04-08 1:58
No Title project 2013-03-13 2:20
During this August 9th, 2009 recording, two Florida State Parole Officers extort Liam Grant, age 21. Grant was convicted of assaulting his girlfriend, and plead guilty, serving only a short time in prison. Following his release, Grant was assigned to his local Florida State Parole Office. Officer Johnson was his event worker. Unfortunately for Grant, Officer Johnson had a mean streak when it ejaculated to domestic violence. According to Grant, Officer Johnson sexually assaulted him on a monthly bases. This is the first mov tape of the alleged assault. As you may clearly see, and hear, Grant he is forced to choose between prison or sex sex short 2012-08-16 4:14
Hammerboys TV present exclusive young guys content - A HARD AND Deepthroat hard twink 2013-05-26 5:03
Wesley Marks' cutie decided to sit this party out, so he decides to hook up with Patrick Kennedy in the bathroom. bathroom hook 2013-05-17 1:12
Patrick Kennedy is dismayed to learn his married neighbor, Max Martin, is bisexual...but they haven't hooked up yet! neighbor max 2013-05-17 2:33
Today we have two awesome and Hardcore young men for your viewing pleasure. Chase Evans and Justin Blade have opted to stay indoors and beat the heat.....and their meat. Chase Evans skipped the gym and he's using Justin Blayde's big sexually dick to strengthen his muscles. Chase kneels down before his sexually master and tugs on that sexually dick with a gleam in his eye. Justin's sexually dick grows in Chase' hands with each yank, tug and pull that Chase may muster up. Justin's white servant pulls out his own dick just for the hell of it. Chase continues to worship that sexually dick until that sexually cannon deploys all over Chase. Who says white boys are no fun? hard cock 2012-01-23 2:23
The reckless "quick cash" guys only hold showing up here at This few days a tourist from France named Mark is in need of several money.He only got into L.A. and was looking forward to going to the sand and finding a hot "California girl" but his backpack was stolen right at the airport and it had all his money in it.So now, instead of sitting on the sand having several pleasure with a girl he's sitting on our couch about to meet Two aggressive black thugs.I hope he enjoys his vacation as much as we did. fun guy 2012-01-23 2:30
When an attractive young student stumbled into my office after hours and begged for my help with his stomach problems I saw it as my civic medical duty to heal his ailment. college office 2012-08-06 2:30
Lincoln Gates and Nick Oval come together to deliver 1 hell of a sharp scene! hard ass 2013-06-12 5:01
Casting Bed #59: Dario, Thiago couch casting 2014-02-20 2:35
Horse big dicked Matt Hughes gets his enormous grip throbbing while watching several pure porn. He asked out his buddy, Kai Cruz, over for a dual wank. But Kai wants more and rips open Matt’s pants with his teeth. The normally bisexual underwear pulls out Matt’s eleven-inch cock and takes as much down his leeps as he can. Oiled up up and prepared to go, Kai lets Matt push the finish length of the large and very plump grip deeply into his tight butt. Matt empties his slabs all over Kai’s face, drenching him passionate jets of spunk that soak him completely. cock dick 2012-08-23 1:43
Alex Slater, Matthew Rush in Sex mind Guyland fantasy rush 2012-06-01 1:35
Braden Klien takes turned on looking at photos of hot jocks and jacks off! ass cum 2011-12-20 2:03
Cole Streets, Ricky Larkin in Road Meat meat street 2011-08-24 1:35
spikey haired emo gay boy kayden lays out in his bed and rubs his thick uncut dick through his top then pulls out his dick jerks his delicous uncut dick till he sucks his load cock thick 2012-06-21 3:00
When his boss, Patrick Kennedy, isn't taking off outside the office, Tyler Andrews offers to put in some extra hours to get the job done. job boss 2011-10-25 2:35
They slowly remove each others shirts and ties before moving to several sharp undressed oral on the office chair. chair naked 2011-05-20 5:04
This week at we bring you a perfect old fashioned 2 on one. Thugzilla, Casanova and Zidane meet up at the fill pad and get right down to business. Thugzilla wastes no time and starts barking orders to the whiteboy to get down and suck their dicks...which he obediantly does. Thugzilla must really be in the mood for some tight white anus coz before you know it he's got guy bent over and dildos his big black cock right up his anus while he's still sucking the other hard black cock. hard cock 2012-01-23 2:30
Dustin Cooper is a spicy little number with gorgeous eyes and lips; after joining BoyCrush at Phoenix Pride, he's prepared to work! twink skinny 2011-07-19 2:33
This movie is going to make you cream. Watching the trash talking, ribald mouthed fuckers desert at it in this black guy orgy is the bomb! Check out the ripped up, horse huge dicked Bam bang butt towards the end of the video. He catch his bit of buttocks and shoves in his dick, not caring about the bottoms cries of pain/pleasure and slamming away relentlessly. fuck sucking 2012-07-09 2:00
Exclusive Kyler Moss drills the new kid Jeremy Sanders this week on BoyCrush! hard fuck 2012-03-30 2:00
Blake Daniels, Max Sinclair in Max & Spermas cum max 2011-01-27 1:41
Marc bends Jordan over as Jordano face fucks his white throat fuck face 2012-12-20 2:00
Talon is a smooth, African American twink who loves white cock. Well today must be his lucky day as the New Yorker received 1 of the awesome dicks on He thoroughly devours Billy G's huge, cut penis and both love every minute of it. cock dick 2012-07-08 2:02
These men are two str8 acting Brazilian stud who are turned on and want to fuck. Only one can can be the top and so one of these hot men has to covered wide and catch a big tough schlong up his tight asshole. hard cock 2012-01-24 2:15
Alex Vaara Jacks Off 2012-07-12 2:52
Callum Astor and Lewis Backwell get some glory gloryhole act while Jack Hall jerks off off to the live show! blowjob cum 2013-06-12 4:31
Slim twink Dustin Reeves has been in Florida a few weeks and is excellent horny. He visits Sam Casey on the pretense that he needs something to drink but when they get inside, they’re on each other like white on rice! After a bit of kissing Sam is in a short time licking Dustin’s cock. Once they’re completely naked, Dustin goes down on Sam and works him til he’s hard. The two boys rim each others sweet tight holes and in a short time Dustin is screwing Sam bareback while he’s bent over the sofa cushions. After a while they get up from the floor, sit on the sofa and not only does Sam drive Dustin, he gets slammed while on his back then gets plunged liked a dog as Dustin barebacks his now abandoned twinkhole. Dustin lets his feed fly then Sam leans back and wanks 1 out while Dustin fingers his hole. hard cock 2012-07-13 1:03
Marcos and Justin unite for a sharp latino-on-latino fuckfest. And you bet we have discover the right Latinos for the job: both these dudes are hung like donkeys!. Unfortunately for Justin Christopher (or perhaps fortunately) he has to show the brunt of one Marcos' gigantic user as he's flipped from front to back and seriously boned in every position. When Marcos is done, he spews a gigantic feed all over Justin's back. massive guy 2012-08-23 2:00
daddy drills with twinks fuck twink 2012-02-17 1:02
Casting Bed #279: Jean Franko, Roman couch casting 2014-02-20 3:43
Casting Mattress #278: Jake Genesis, Robin Sanchez couch casting 2014-02-20 2:00
You could say that beautiful young guy David here is an expert when it comes to seducing beautiful frat homosexual guys like Martin. He makes sure that they are comfortable and relaxed in his place before finally starting with little kisses. When they are all fired up, he strip them fast and positions them on all fours so their asses are free for him to fuck. ass fuck 2012-02-07 3:00
Adam Rogue in Bear Necessities bear 2012-06-01 1:35

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The threeway with Kevin Kandy just wasn't enough to satisfy Keegan's appetite for the luxurious twink. Keegan plans to pump more than iron and give the visiting university boy a private ride. Kevin treats a Fratboy right, removing his shorts and tea-bagging Keegan's sweaty nuts. After a violent buns rimming swing on the bench press, Kandy wants tough scholng so bad, he almost goes down on the Fratboy's bareback cock. When he finally does hop on pop, his gorgeous round rear jiggles as Keegan bounces the boy up and down on his lap. The boys make good use of the workout equipment which makes us think the bench press is the cool sling. Keegan employs not many of his signature power fucking, banging the horny young bottom relentlessly until Kandy can't keep back his load everything longer. Keegan pulls out and gives Kandy's boy slabs a cum bath. hard cock 2012-07-12 2:42
Boy's amazing looks and cuffs on his hand turn the officer on so much he forgets about all his duties men sex 2012-05-22 2:00
If rock-hard cocks is what you like, then these pair coeds RudeBoiz are going to joy you! Blonde hottie Nico James and dark-haired Carlos Martinez Lopes remain hardly throughout and can’t seem to get enough of each other, or weird in general. Devouring dick, eating buttocks and licking, chewing and nibbling on any else in between, Carlos and Nico show you only how excited and insatiable pair lads may be. Carlos drills Nico’s gorgeous face and it’s hot to see Nico wrap his juicy lips around the shaft. Then he turns his attention to Carlos’ rear. He fingers, tongue fucks, and laps at the cunt before fitting awesome inside Carlos. He loosens the chav up, making him grab every pulsating inch as Nico drills Carlos on the sofa. In fact, he drills him so deep and hardly that he pins Carlos down with his merciless pounding! And when he comes, it seems Nico sprays Carlos with gallons of jizz. rock hard 2012-08-23 1:43
Alex Stevens, Matt Hughes and Philippe Delvaux meat up at a disco and the Three are in for a massive night of hot porn and rampant butt fucking. First, there’s Matt and his by-now infamous 11-inch monster cock. Czech superstar Alex and curly-haired Philippe exchange the huge slab of beef as they take turns licking on it. Alex received as much as he can before Philippe invades his willing ass. Even Matt received in on the dick sucking, his lips wrapped around Alex’s erect tough cock! Philippe received all Matt has to propose while screwing Alex and the semen showers in a short time begin! rock hard 2012-08-23 1:43
The great outdoors - the finest place to get out the picnic rug and fuck each other senseless. That's loving a lot the idea Dion and Kamill have in this video anyway. They chow down on each other's cocks, go in for a 69er and some rimming, then it's legs up and penises deep for the camera. cock fuck 2012-07-08 2:00
Travis gets a relentless spanking from Michael Lee Starring: Michael Lee, Travis Groves spanking spank 2011-03-06 2:19
Austin soon learns that to get the raise he wants, he'll have to do a little more than just business to get ahead of his peers. little office 2011-05-20 2:36
Hot college boy jerks off on camera for the first time for cash. camera dude 2012-02-09 2:15
Cute japan gay boy learns how to please and follows orders well sexy twink 2012-03-08 2:10
If you wanna to watch a nice boy like Preston give it up to a gruff, rough aged daddy, then this is certainly the game for you. fuck ride 2012-06-25 5:03
My trainer from the gym ejaculated over to go over not many fill up job out routines. During our job out I felt this sexual tension...I plunged him in his ass and puff my semen all over him! ass fuck 2012-01-13 4:00
Ben Tramer, David Chase in Furry Dad daddy furry 2011-05-26 1:41
Hard oral porn as 2 amazing Lalin girl hunks are nude and giving in to each others. The blow business is amazing and it gets better when you see their amazing asses, 1 ramming deep into the other. cock ass 2012-01-24 2:15
Wade doesn't do a very fantastic business cleaning Jeff's room and Jeff makes sure to punish him over and over... and over. Wade is sure to go the place spotless after tonight. Starring: Jeff Sterne, Wade Christianson job room 2011-06-05 1:42
Ethan must have been a funny boy lately, as a result of he takes more of a brutal Anus pounding than a brutal spanking from Jeff Sterne. The Spank Master, though, still takes funny use of the willing twink's rear. hard ass 2011-03-22 2:42
This Brazilian man has a 10 inch pole that anyone would want to suck off. Young jock gets down and services this pole hoping for a mouthful of his jizz. dick thick 2012-01-24 2:15
Pretty Mickey Drake and ripped Tristan Phoenix passionately kiss as they tear off each other's clothing. Mickey forcefully screws Tristan on the couch doggy-style, exposing us the long, pounding jerks off in and out, before Tristan shows his talent by jumping the full length of Mickey's poker. In a orgasm all-out fuck, Mickey pushes the nut out of Tristan's dick and rubs Tristan's nut all over his dick to lubricant himself up for a several orgasm strokes. Mickey's nut flies over Tristan's ripped stomach, splashing Tristan in the face with Tristan finishing Mickey off by stroking every last drop out of him. cock fuck 2012-07-08 2:00
Brawny Man suits down to stroke his enormous throbbing cock cock muscle 2012-02-07 2:00
Thin and cute young emo twinks Josh is really hot and best horny. Then Seth moves into a supine position and this sexually aroused gay boy Josh sit atop and grind his asshole onto his big cock. cock ass 2011-12-12 3:00
Ari Gypsy and Zane Jacobs in Zane-a-do 2011-08-18 1:42
Lonely dude puts some leather on his undressed body & masturbates man naked 2009-10-21 2:00
This sexually aroused emo young gay man both exceptionally excited and this young gay man is going to put his mouth to use licking on rock extremely cock. He's a talent, he likes gobbling schlong and he's thinking about receiving fucked in the rear bareback. His boyfriend lubes up his extremely bone and then slips it into the tight ass. Missionary style porn flood the scene and it looks amazing. rock hard 2012-06-21 3:00
Gregorio brings Manuel to his knees to give him a deep, thorough blowjob. Of learning one thing leads to another and soon Gregorio plunging his gigantic tool deep into Manuel who groans with pleasure and begs for more and then he fucks him hurry and furious. cock fuck 2012-01-23 3:00
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Hot emo Kristian strips down to nothing and he grasps his pole and starts to massage it to hardness. With every wank off his plump foreskin slides up and down, covering and uncovering his pole head. As he jacks off, he leans back on the bed giving a schlong hardening view view cock 2011-09-11 2:04
Joey Perelli is left in charge of the office and his first buy of job is to get Harrison to blowjob his big dick! dick business 2011-05-20 5:04
Nothing's free in this world whore so don't come knocking on my pounding door with your flamboyant umbrella and expect a goddamn charity donation without earning that cash. That pounding pissed me off so I whipped my ass stretching, leeps tearing african jack hammer out and said "So you willing to suck... ass fuck 2011-08-01 4:00
No Title 2013-03-13 2:51
Rafael Alencar loves what he sees in the fresh meat, johnny Rapid. When they head to the showers, Rafael exposes Johnny a whole fresh use for the night stick. prison drill my hole 2012-05-24 1:06
Spanking in Gym gym spanking 2011-05-11 2:59
They take a smash from their routine chores for a threesome. threesome 2011-10-01 2:00
Ismael is a slim, toned underwear fucker. His dark, swarthy looks contrast beautifully with Tony Maya’s smooth, meaty body. The muscular bottom is pushed down and made to suck Ismael’s fat dick but he doesn’t really mind. He enjoys being used by aggressive tops. Tony takes as much of the fat dick as he may and keeps on trying for more. After a noisy 69, curly Ismael takes control, rims Tony’s deliciously smooth hole and really nails his muscled anal until he spunks all over Tony’s freshly banged ass. cock ass 2012-08-23 2:12
Although both of these guys have lovely faces, the title isn't actually referring to that Couples of cheeks. Today Chase Harding and Levi Shane cummed to Spank This and got themselves tangled in a loving humid web of torment and pleasure. Chase is obviously the dominant one of the two; he's obsessed with getting his jock strap worshiped and does anything in his power to humiliate his tasty homosexual ex in crime. The Episode develops fat and quickly and before you know it, Levi has all of his back passage occupied by the fat goodness of his abusive partner. With galore of spanking and lots of hardcore sex, this is one Episode anything homosexual fetish enthusiast won't want to miss. So sit back, jock strap yourself in and get prepared to see not many of the adorable blends of torment and happiness ever recorded. thick fast 2010-08-18 2:35
Max Carter isn't taking away with sneaking in at 5:00 am after a swanky night out. Jeff Sterne brings out the preggo wooden paddle for a barely lesson. After several fine hand swats over Sterne's lap, Max's rosy pink butt sweethearts are revealed and given a fine amount more of barely spankings. Starring: Jeff Sterne, Max Carter hard heavy 2011-06-19 1:29
All American frat dude Chad shoots a juicy feed on camera. camera dude 2012-02-09 2:15
Brandon is new in town and needs dosh for a car, hence the solo jerk off. Watch as he does a dilatory striptease for the camera as he describes being hit on by another fellow for the first time! car camera 2012-08-06 2:30
Brandon, Spencer and Zane discover the eat of cock, not to mention, the joys of snogging other guys. See as all three mans have their horizon's broadened! cock guy 2012-08-06 2:30
Like smooth, dark-haired young guys and beefy scallies? Then you’re gonna love Will Jamieson and Rio Francisco. They couldn’t wait to have a leave at each other! Sparks flew and it wasn’t surprising to watch Rio erect solid only thinking about hot and gorgeous Will coming over and tearing up his hole. You may almost smell the sweat off their backs! rock love 2012-08-23 1:54 young guys gift hammerboys 02 05:38 men fuck 2013-11-01 5:38
Hammerboys TV present exclusive young guys content - Turned on Weekend 01 twink hammerboys 2013-05-26 6:27
Brazilian stud is inclination over and prepared for action. His hung hot sweetheart is spreading his hairy ass wide apart for his huge stiff cock, prepared for a stiff fuck. hard cock 2012-01-24 2:15
Kirk has been dreaming of the day he can join the football team but has been stuck as ‘towel boy’ all season. Brock feels horrible for him and proposes to help but just if Kirk helps him out first! feels first 2011-07-21 1:00
Fisting legend Matthieu Paris received center stage in this new video. Andre Barclay shoves his whole arm up Matthieu's chute within the first minutes and there's no drilling around with any warm-up here. Andre plunges his balled-up fist deep into Matthieu's empty hole, again and again - deeper and deeper! It's a powerfist powerpunch, driven so deep that it will take your breath away. fuck deeper 2013-04-08 1:58
Aaron's has never got his tight asshole spread before. I filled up him like a Christmas stocking. He shivered as he jizzed on me, while I fucked him hard! hard cock 2011-12-08 4:00
Real-life couple Vinnie D'Angelo and Logan McCree met on the set of another porn film and have been beloveds ever since. In this rare glimpse into their sex life, we get to see them flip-flop fucking, dick-sucking and ass-eating. In 1 of lots positions, Vinnie rides Logans gorgeous penis while hammering Logan with a big dark dildo - it's not to be missed. cock ass 2012-08-23 2:00
The cunning twink tease the soul of his older lover out promising him entrance to his tight heat boypussy. men sex 2012-05-22 2:00
Detention can be more painful then you think. Dallas Trenton and Kurt Summers take turns taking a eat of School Master Jeff Sterne's heavy handed discipline. They learned the barely way why bullying doesn't pay off. Both males are spanked inexperienced and abased beyond belief to get the point through their buxom skulls. Sterne makes sure these wicked young guys learn their lesson. Starring: Dallas Trenton, Jeff Sterne, Kurt Summers hard thick 2011-05-15 2:06
Braden Klien wants to give Julian Smiles a present for all his help around the office, but a holiday hookup is more what he had in mind! give office 2012-01-09 2:35

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