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Trace Michaels in Sin & Bear It bear 2012-06-01 1:35
7 warm boys, from different parts of the country, receive an email that they have been picked for an all-out sex filled weekend in a home in Florida's Stud Mecca, Ft. Lauderdale. All of them have one thing in common..They are Natural Big! Each guy packs over Eight inches and one is a massive Eleven incher. facial cum eating 2013-04-11 3:02
Jeff Sterne wants to discover a reason to spank cute Cholo boy, Alexi Morgan, even though he'll be receiving a paddle to him either way. This time Sterne accuses him of getting drunk last night which calls for a more severe asshole punishment and face fucking. spanking spank 2011-05-03 2:20
It's Micah Andrews' first day working at the doctor's office and he is learning the ropes from long-time employee, Alexsander Freitas. The exam tables can be a little tricky and Alexsander just needs to know that Micah knows how sturdy they really are. doctor office 2011-07-21 1:10
Casting Couch #103: Julio Cesar, Lorenzo casting couch 2014-02-20 1:49
A devastated bride is left at the altar and her brother (Landon Conrad) is sent to check on the groom (Rocco Reed). With emotions running high, Rocco can't continue to hide his feelings. The Couples share an intimate kiss before Rocco gives Landon his and all - mind, body... and hole. men fuck 2012-10-26 1:27
Office pranks office 2013-05-21 1:22
Impressive & HUNG Sexxx Toy breaks from job to bust his nut toy handsome 2013-01-25 2:00
Tony Parker and Kyle get down and lewd with each other. In a short time these lewd chavs are stripped and eating each other from stuff to the butt, taking it all wet and ready for Tony’s delightful stuff to be thrust all the way inside his fellas ass. Speak about some tight glory hole being pounded! These males can’t get enough and work each other up until they jet their loads and wind up absolutely trashed in cum. Tony’s gives a cool cumshot, leaking gigantic amounts of jizz all over Kyle. dirty strip 2012-08-23 1:58
Putting on a show for total French hunk Fred Faurtin, Ivan and Robin begin swallowing each other off as he jerks, watching them enough each others bodies. Ivan, catching sight of the sheer size of his stick in a short time wraps his amazing moist mouth around, letting it fuck the back of his throat as Robin tongues his sweet hole. The ebony haired Spaniard likes having his body serviced and teats tugged, and when he’s got the handsome Fred making it, nothing could be hornier!! Lovers of rimming will adore this scene, there’s tons of bum eating, taking them all sopping moist and red from the amazing stubble. Caught in the middle once again, Ivan has the orgasm of Fred ploughing his bum while taking fed erect sold dick!! Daisy chaining, we may see Ivan relishing the business on centre fellow as his gash gets fucked harder, the harder he penetrates the 1 in front! fuck hard 2013-03-22 20:11
Casting Sofa #200: Lucio Saints, Nicolas Taxman casting couch 2014-02-20 3:45
We know a certain air-conditioning unit that's never going to be the same after these hot-bodied coffee studs are done fucking each other's spicy pussies all over it. And wow are there some ripped six packs and bulging biceps among these boyz. It's so spicy watching the body builders plow away at their smaller coffee brother's holes, making them cry out in pain. The mutual wanking at the video's conclusion is well worth he wait too. muscle bodybuilder 2012-07-09 2:00
The boss at Blacks on Boys decided this few days to let you get to know what kind of bro we have at the site. Ben is a piece timer in the industry, and we brought you an intimate tiny glimpse of his personal life...before carrying on our two BonBoys girth monsters. Roommates Chris and Tim have a blast with tiny Ben before giving him a couple blasts of their own. This is definitely worth the nickel with the blowjobs, the hardcore anal pounding, and the intimate glimpse of Ben's gaping asshole. So sit back, buckle up, and ENJOY!!!!! roommate monster 2012-01-23 1:50
Life is hard for Door to Door Salesman Jake Wilder particularly when a client likes the real thing and can watch Jake has it! Duncan Black is just such a client who insists on receiving a nice hard bum pounding before speaking shop. pounding rough 2013-03-16 1:20
two cute twinks sucking and pounding fuck sucking 2012-02-17 1:01
We have a natural nice treat for you this week. His name is Travis and he is a nice piece of tanned sand boi. And only like ALOT of our other white boi's, he saw our website and could no longer delay his fantasy of wanting to blow and be fucked by a big, hard ebony dick. And you know we only love to give our guests what they want, so we hooked him up with our beautiful ebony stud Corey. And Corey gives him exactly what he came here be "cored" out by a ebony man. name week 2012-01-23 2:30
Brenn Wyson and Doug Jeffries in Daddy-O 'Gasm daddy 2012-06-01 1:35
AJ comes out of the Bath to give Afrodisiac some release shower give 2012-08-02 2:00
No Title 2013-03-13 1:01
By the time Camil has rubbed himself down on the couch and taken off his cloths, this gorgeous twink is hardcore as a rock. That uncut giant cock is in for a natural workout in this vid, and the way Camil keeps rubbing that beautifully toned and tanned chest is going to send you crazy. Not good enough? Wait till he takes out the watermelon! rubbed couch 2012-07-08 2:00
Enrique Currero and Roman Ragazzi are already receiving down and when this video begins. Enrique is filling his mouth with Roman's bbw cock, milking the boss and then going back to licking the whole thing. When Roman takes his turn sucking rod he works Enrique's foreskin and preps his rod for not many fucking. With Roman bent over a bench Enrique has full access to Roman's butt hole. Enrique spears Roman's hairy bottom with his giant prick and screws him eagerly. Roman masturbates while Enrique screws away. When Roman flips over for more rod we finally get to watch his large pecs and hairy chest with the sweat dripping from his chin to his dick. Enrique screws him barely and deep until he can't keep back, Roman blows a load with Enrique still drilling him and Enrique follows with a monster load of his own. big biggest 2012-08-23 2:00
Marc Wilson waits in his flat for his Couples buddies, Jonny Bennet and Shane Wilder. When they all at the end meet up what follows is a cute threeway as these younger dudes are horny and reckless for cock! The younger dudes deliver a superb show with sucking, finger-fucking, rimming and some crazy ass-pounding. They only can’t seem to get enough tough younger cock! buddy meet 2012-08-23 2:00
Welcome to Chris Porters bar. Its a place where handsome young bro hang out for good music, swift dancing, strong drinks and..... hot sex! hardcore 2013-04-11 2:00
Nubius spots his room-mate Troy sporting a mammoth hard-on nubile punk 2012-08-02 2:00
You may spot the minute Elijah Essex' eyes famous out of their socket when he received his first glimpse at my black rod. He had his job cut out for him if he hoped to stroke my black salami. First, he was going to have to peel off my draws to unleash the black dick behind them. I couldn't wait to sense his hot hands do their dirty work. No harlot would be able to give me as much pleasure as this homo fucktoy and my entire nuts quickly drained once he got the right tugjob motions going. If this white dude keeps coming back then I'll upgrade him to letting his suck me off. eyes pop 2012-05-21 2:34
Casting Couch #130: Andres De La Serna, Nano Roca casting couch 2014-02-20 3:18
Wicked Keine Sorgen has been using TJ Woods credit card without asking, and the big buddies is not happy. Spank fans will gratify in seeing adorable frat Keine's rear getting whacked hard as Wood inflicts a sweet deal of pain and pleasure on his boy's smooth ass. dad spank 2011-09-20 2:05
Kyle Ross and Max Carter are doing out when Kyle receives a phone call. They turn down the suggest of a slumber party because they have plans to gratify themselves! Blonde boyfriend Kyle gets blondy coeds Max out of his clothes. The pair blondy hotties start with a little doing out which leads to Max sucking the excellent young dudes smooth cock. Kyle eats the blondy stud out before sliding his young gay man penis in the hunks horny hole. Kyle nails the cock greedy Max Carter until it's Max's turn. Flipping the young gay man over, Max manages the tiny little smooth skinned twink. Kyle can't keep it anymore and shoots his enormous load on his flat smooth stomach. Followed up by Max's barely thick load right in the same spot! Starring: Kyle Ross, Max Carter max bang 2012-02-05 2:19
White boy fucked & face-fucked at the same time by Two thugs nubile white 2012-08-02 2:00
There's a first time for everything. The glory hole room has so lots holes I forget about mine. Best bit is I may bend over and a stud may fuck me from one side while I have another guy's dick in my mouth. It's pretty cool. It's like gaming nude twister in the dark. There's a handful for everyone. pretty cool 2012-01-13 4:00
Being stuck in a hotel room for Four days isn't a lot different than being in prison. Haigen Sence is pretty and turned on and can't hide it it anymore. Bryce Star is turned on too and Blowjobs Haigan's crystal cock before getting slammed hard! blowjob cock 2013-03-15 2:28
The oral scene continues in Thugzilla's new ferocious fuckfest. This time there's several smokin' warm rimming thrown into the mix and a very appealing oral sex daisy chain that means there's very several chinks without a cock in them in this video. Suck it up, thugs! gangbang rimming 2012-07-09 2:00
These two hot young dudes take a study break and fuck like crazy on campus. crazy fuck 2012-02-09 2:15
Casting Bed #95: Renuar, Diego casting couch 2014-02-20 3:40
Mason Stone fucks his man Ryan Sharp in this horny hardcore jet masturbation ride 2013-06-03 5:01
Muscular teen dude jerks his teen dude dick on camera. cock jerk 2012-02-09 2:15
Scenes handpicked by Chris Ward from Mirage, Grunts: Brothers in Arms, Lords of the Jungle, Savage, and Ink Storm. Steve Cruz is the hottest, hairiest sex star of all time. He has become an icon for our age and now is one of Stud Porn's enjoyment emerging directors! This collection of his perfect episodes is a disc that will wear you out! This DVD is a must-own for all lovers of classic shaggy guys huk horsehung 2013-04-11 2:05
Felix busts a cum at College Dudes. dude college 2012-02-09 2:15
Looking for several fuckable stud amigos? Well, look no further! You can’t just miss out on this couple of Brazil twinks having a lusty outdoor ass workout. 1 admirable brown ass, one sturdy Coeds dick and beautiful foreign locations are anything you need to shoot off a really gigantic feed by your screen! big really 2013-03-27 3:00
Casting Couch #219: Rob Nelson, Lucio Saints casting couch 2014-02-20 2:26
Fine dragon friend mastubating his hard dick in here ! hard dick 2008-12-30 2:00
Jon Is Down For More Rimming! Watch Kevin Sucking His Ass! ass lick 2012-02-07 2:00
pretty school stud sucking teen brothers penis brother frat 2012-02-03 1:50
Wild and handsome latin young guys having an aggressive foreplay leads to hot ramrod swallowing on the toilet, this lucky young guys gets to "talent " the sensation of wet mouth milking their pole, they are very sensual and have awesome butts bending him over and making him doggy. wet feeling 2011-12-12 3:00

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Jesse Jordan talks about his passion for the circus and acts off several moves before handjobs off. trimmed brown hair 2011-07-05 2:33
Kevin Crows and Alex Waters Massage massage 2012-07-12 2:32
Tyler Sloan is a dirty little rascal. He was cool excited to get off in front of me. The only thing that disappointed him was that there was not a gigantic muscled dark man there to do the Episode with him. Needless to say, this dude is a bottom, and he was rea caucasian twink 2013-07-04 4:03
Sean Mason is waiting to leave to the game with Sean Stavos and his brother. Sean Stavos gets a call from his brother who is stuck on the side of the road with few car trouble. Disappointed about having to see the game a house Sean S. offers to help take the game off of Sean’s mind. home trouble 2011-07-21 1:00
New to spanking, Keith learns his music lesson the hard way, with a firm hand from Jeff Sterne. spank spanking 2010-04-14 1:53
Matheus here is one helpful guy and he loves to help out studs like him discover the pleasure of bi-sexual sex. Matheus makes sure that Yuri's tight little ass is packed full of his meat while Yuri's cock is deep into Kelly's hot mouth. cock meat 2012-02-07 3:00
Jason needs a special physical trainer to get him in shape. He found Izzy James online with very finest reviews. However Izzy is going to give Jason a more physical workout plan. Jason will have to work stiff on Izzy Ten inch cock to reach his goals... special physical 2011-10-24 4:00
Dustin Cooper and Jordan Ashton each get a dildo in the ass in this hot dildo-play scene. trimmed cum 2011-10-24 2:33
Casting Bed #93: Rocco Banks, Murillo casting couch 2014-02-20 2:52
Cooper is manipulating Barclay's snatch with a lot HUGE toys! toy huge 2009-03-02 2:00
Casting Couch #242: Aitor Hoop, Lucio Saints casting couch 2014-02-20 1:04
Thomas is a smutty gay guy who likes being chained and bound up on a wooded cross in this guy dungeon. Chase slaps his dark hole until it stoops bright red, but Thomas just begs to get spanked harder and harder. He likes being someone's guy toy. Chase uses him as his slave mouth, climbing up on the cross and forcing Thomas to swallow his big dick. Chase then shoves his meat into the young punk's abased ass and after a fine ass slamming, frees him from his cuffs, but Thomas is not going anywhere. See his engorged gay guy tool flop around as he hops on top of Chase and takes more dick into his hole. The curly young guys fuck until faces and chests are splattered with creamy guy juice. dirty twink 2010-10-27 2:30
Miles gets his hair pulled as Kyler straddles his chest and face bones him. Kyler roughly throws Miles on the floor and up against the wall while fucking him with his bare, uncut cock. fucking trimmed 2011-08-02 2:33
You know how the saying goes, "While the cats away..." Well our mice have been having a little too much fun, so Jeff Sterne is back, and he is ready to grasp these young guys back to the disciplined ways they've be away from for too long. The naughtiest twink of all, Dustin Reeves, is the first to be put back in his place. Dustin is reminded that Sterne doesn't fuck around, though he'll fuck and spank your man butt until it's bright red, used and abused. return little 2011-03-01 2:31
Patricia's every day in for a hot bisexual threesome. This chick delighted pleasuring cocks with her lips and sweet pussy. Check her out as this babe joins to stuff greedy bisexuals Matheus and Alexsander and enjoy helping them please each other's cock. bisexual hungry 2012-02-07 3:00
Studly Samuel Colt is working in the porno trunk bedroom preparing shipments, when big, beefy Erik Rhodes appears, carrying some boxes. Before giant Erik is gagging himself willingly with Erik's tool for an all-star blowjob job. In a short time it's muscled stud pounding into muscled stud the grunt and groans growing louder as Samuel lays Erik's back on the table and puts his leg in the air so he may really screw him deep. ragingstallion fuck 2011-10-06 2:00 young guys gift hammerboys Fourteen 05:20 fuck twink 2013-11-01 5:20
Dylan Roberts is willing to do anything to have a 3way with his girlfriend. Even if that means flip flop fucking with Johnny Rapid! willing 3way 2012-06-26 1:37
Jordano pumps Ryan missionary while Deryk sits on his face park ride 2012-10-18 2:00
Whenever these young dudes take a bath, they seem to come out dirtier than when they went in, and Dustin Cooper is no exception! trimmed black hair 2011-08-09 2:33
Casey was coming in for just your regular routine check up here at the clinic but there was nothing normal about the routines given by the Clinics star doctor, Dr. Phingerphuck. dr doctor 2012-08-06 2:30
In this next POV scene, cameraman John is at it again. This time, however, he’s receiving it on with Anthony Corbet, a bareback gay boy who likes to get his shaggy purple hole fucked raw after a cool workout. Who would you rather be? The lucky underwear who takes to plow Anthony? Or the one slurping on that wet big cock? pov cameraman 2012-07-13 1:03
Shy boy fingered and milked by older friend shy milking 2012-05-04 2:00
Fine Luke Desmond takes control of cute teen Mackenzie Madison in this one-on-one. Stretched and chained down, Mackenzie finds himself in a hopeless situation and may just pray that Luke will take it easy with him. That's never going to happen, as Luke dripping boiling hot wax over Mackenzie's undressed back and Anus cheeks. See as Mackenzie's brawny body struggles with every drip of wax as it lands. Wanting more, Luke demands that Mackenzie entertains his cock; making the nervous boy spread out to stroke him off. jerk stretch 2010-12-07 2:00
Jason Grey joins us this few days for another movie scene of Jason arrive to us in a jam. His whore has kicked him out and he's in need of some cash to get a place to live. We tell him what he's gotta do to get the cash and he's not too thrilled about first. As soon as he gets some gorgeous dark cock in his lips he's all into it...and the dark dudes are surely into him in more ways than one. Enjoy! dude mouth 2012-01-23 2:27
Marc sticks his big dick to Scorpio's sweet, round ass stick massive 2012-08-02 2:00
Tattooed cute Christian Wilde is really going to give Ethan Storm quite the treat in this video. After the duo exchange blowjobs, Ethan's ass is in the air quick and Christian sinks that giant tool into his ass, screwing him deep. That fine, ripped body of his looks so good as he's pounding away at that ass too. ragingstallion fuck 2011-05-08 2:00
Playful man beating his hard boner on bed guy beat 2012-05-04 2:00
Casting Bed #169: Marko Brenos aka Carioca, Armando del Toro casting couch 2014-02-20 2:42
Dallas Reeves and Troy Halston in Didn't See This Jizz flow cumming 2012-06-01 1:37
Our turned on white male returns for this episode - apparently still hungry for big, dark cock. Watch him try and blowjob those epic tools why not many of the other brothers hot up their tools on each other in preparation for the oral pleasuring to come from their teenagers fan. interracial sucking 2012-07-09 2:00
Casting Sofa #53: Robert McDougal, Ariel casting couch 2014-02-20 1:59
Cute japan gay boy learns how to please and follows orders well twink asian 2012-03-08 2:10
Luke Desmond is back and this time he has carry along a Boynapped Victim of his very own. Lincoln gates is strapped face up to an aged park bench in a public toilet forcible to watch his captors face as he covers Lincoln's body in hot wax. Luke Stares Lincoln in the eye before screwing is cheeky looking face long and hard. Once luke discovers what a package Lincoln has downstairs he cant help himself but to make it his and ride it till he shoots all over Lincoln's face. own victim 2012-10-17 2:00
Finn Daniels and Jeremy Lange are out for a bike hop when 1 of ride bike 2011-07-21 1:00
Another Holiday season is upon us which means Skyelr Bleu gets to make his Christmas list. Unfortunately for him, Santa knows that he's been bad, and has new round of spankings for the greedy twink. spank bad 2011-11-29 1:29
Talk about gay boy ass-munching and plowing: Cody and Felix are smooth-bodied machines that look like they've been swallow for a good session for months! They've taken to some outside festivities to keep suit interesting and these cute boyz won't disappoint with everything of their alfresco activities. You won't regret joining these hotties by the pool. twink ass 2012-07-08 2:00
The sweet globes getting pounded at the start of the vid would make even a straight man crooked! But this is only a prelude to the orgy action, which features 8 sweet fuckers pairing up, licking knob then fucking all around the living room. Just wait til you watch several of these black thugs fuck stiff and rough! rough orgy 2012-07-09 2:00
Keegan Adams learns that he loves threeways, notably with huge dicked hottie Kevin Kandy and bubble ass newbie fratboy Jason North. fratboy threeway 2012-07-12 2:42
The spectacular pairing of Trey Casteel and Nick Marino begins with the two making sets on the squat device (like either 1 of them could have a more cute ass). From the get-go you can tell they are amazing for each other and they quickly move on to other exercises for the buttocks. Both guys show skill and stamina in this flip-flop fuckfest, in a video that should be the dictionary's definition of versatile, as both guys take as good as they give. ragingstallion fuck 2012-08-20 2:00
Kai Cruz gets his snug hole spread out and fucked hard by Tommy Benson deepthroat ass 2013-06-03 5:01
Here's a white boy that's going to make all you Thug Orgy fans ridiculously jealous. He's the dick in an interracial group bang sandwich and is about to get his mouth loaded with the raging hard black schlongs of his new horny companions. And he looks like he's loving every inch of them. interracial gangbang 2012-07-09 2:00
What do you do if you're frat and perpetually horny and your older partner is asleep? Well, you begin gaming with yourself, and then you wake up your bro for few action. For few banging of his old tight ass, that is. If you like the males who like to take control, you'll love this tight model right here waking up his geezer partner and just slamming his tool into him. The plump older guy's cunt got sore from all the rigid dicking and then the boy glazed that backdoor with his candy creamy cum. gay mature 2013-03-19 2:00
Movie One -- Logan Drake and Noah SpringsCute aspiring photographer, Logan Drake is shooting his cool model, Noah Springs, a amazing Hawaiian man with sumptuous lips. As Logan asks his subject to reveal his subjects beautifully rounded, smooth ass, our photographer can't keep back, doing out with his hottie and landing on his knees to swallow his cock. Noah returns the favor, then sits on Logan's thick dick, wrapping his tight pussy around the nicely veined pole, then our hottie poses in puppy pose for a pounding. Ending up on his back, Noah spreads his legs and gives a jet of his own spraying his chest with jizz, which sends Logan to climax. Movie Two -- AJ and Matthew StarkMatthew Stark, shot assistant, is showing the cool kid, AJ, around the set. Matthew asks AJ to remove his dress to testing the lighting. AJ's skinny clean look inspires Matthew to begin a fantastic make out session. Matthew goes down on his cool find, his freckled face and teen eyes peering up at AJ's pretty face and torso. AJ gobbles up Matthew's cock, and in his sweetest Southern accent, Matthew asks to watch AJ's ass. AJ shows it willingly and Matthew fingers AJ's fantastic young pussy and prods it with his light meter, preparing AJ for his stiff cock. Matthew flips AJ over and holding his legs up and lays it in him while AJ jerks and shoots a massive load, Matthew pulls out and busts a nut all over AJ's chest. Movie 3 -- Logan Drake and Tristan SterlingLogan Drake, our photographer, is back on set for a locker bedroom shoot. His skinny, twinky stylist, Tristan Sterling is dressing the set, but it doesn't catch long for them to begin undressing each other. They sweetly make out, but the eager milky-skinned Tristan fast gets down on his knees. Tristan swallows Logan's inches fully, pluging with pleasure. Logan gets a better view of Tristan's high merry ass, and Tristan arches his back approvingly. Logan lubes up, grabs on to Tristan's 26-inch waste and fills the lanky lad with his tool. Tristan gets it like a champ, bending over on the workout bench so he can catch every last centimeter as Logan slams it deeper. Next, Tristan straddles Logan and rides him well, while Logan jerks him off until he explodes with loud turned on moans. Movie 4 -- Kirk Cummings an Christian MohrKirk Cummings, another photographer is on set with model, Christian Mohr. Kirk tells his hottest Brazil hottie he could leave far and asks him if he will do whatever it gets to. He says he is willing and Kirk gives him the casting couch treatment licking and kissing his body. Laying Christian down, Kirk blows him well , and Christian sits down to let Kirk fuck his leeps with his hefty tool. Christian gets on all fours to reveal his smooth round Brazilian buns and fantastic unclaimed hole, and Christian proceeds to slam with his hardly hairy bush. Christian lays down to let his Brazilian man drive him which he does with youthful zest, allowing us to watch Kirk's user penetrating deep. They flip and Christian gets it on his back with his feet on Kirk's chest until they both burst jizz explosively. Movie Five --Alexander Green and Micah AndrewsMicah Andrews, a baby-faced assistant, is heap up his truck to master to a shot shoot. His buddy, Alexander Green, stops by to help but they have time to kill, and Micah is horny. He propositions his gorgeous pal and Alexander accepts by starting a heated make out session, but Micah really wants to watch what his friend is packing. He's extremely satisfied with what he finds: a very suckable, uncut, thick 9+ inches of amazing man meat. After Micah spends time appreciating this masterpiece with his mouth, he wants it deeply inside him, and Alexander is quick to oblige, burying his staff in Micah's fantastic shaved rosebud. Alexander bursts Micah's bubble butt as Micah mounts Alexander for a drive like he's never had, hoping and bobbing feverishly. On his back, Micah's taut pussy constricts around the enormous fantastic dick until Micah shoots a stream of jizz that hits his face, and Alexander follows with enormous wads of cum. gay locker room 2013-04-11 2:00

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