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Casting Bed #187: Juanjo Rodriguez, Raul Enguidanos couch casting 2014-02-20 2:58
Casting Couch #75: Jake, Marcelo, Greg couch casting 2014-02-20 3:54
Casting Sofa #69: Alex Ferrari, Vito couch casting 2014-02-20 1:13
Casting Sofa #200: Lucio Saints, Nicolas Taxman couch casting 2014-02-20 3:45
The smooth juicy boy ended up with rugged, muscled lover's dick depths in his tight welcoming ass men sex 2012-05-22 2:00
Cruising in a local square, Jak and Fred give in to their urges and master back to Jak’s place. Jak thinks he’s struck gold when he pulls down Fred’s thong and his big club pops out and smacks him in the face. His buff manly body, amazing chest hair and defined chest and abs give him a great look, and Jak’s smooth tattooed body can’t wait to have his club inside it. Pushing the young lad’s master down over his meat, Jak has to swallow the plump club to his balls as his anal takes a natural playing with, the buff stud penetrating the twink from both ends at the same time. Fred takes his time to eat Jak’s anal fully, fingering and licking his hole, doing Jak moan in ejaculation and when he slips his dick into him, the adult becomes even hotter!! Bent over the cushions, Jak gives Fred the best access as he works that monstrous cock, his abs tightening and chest tensing with every thrust as the anal plowing takes harder and faster! hard cock 2012-08-23 20:08
Taking bows gag-fucking his lips and making a cavity search fuck mouth 2012-02-07 2:00
Cute boy next door Ian Levine is sunbathing at the beach when a hot twink, Helix newbie Seth Andrews, walks up and catches Ian's eye. After the two smooth boys prance around on the beach they take the party back to Ian's bedroom where the real fun begins. Seth starts sucking Ian's cock until it is good and hard, and then sits down on Ian's erect stiff raw boner almost splitting his tight hole in two. Don't miss cute new hottie Seth Andrews debut in this hot bareback scene. Starring: Ian Levine, Seth Andrews blowjob anal 2013-07-13 2:21
Casting Couch #142: Robert McDougal, Johnny Wilson couch casting 2014-02-20 1:37
Milf guy swallows a younger dick down his swallow men sex 2012-05-22 2:00
Meeting JD Phoenix for the first time was like a breath of clean air. He's so comfortable in his own skin and so open with his sexuality that it has this soothing effect on you. Hearing him speak about how much he likes public nudity and public screwing only makes you wish to strip off your pantyhose right there with him and get down to business behind a bush. It should go without saying that JD is a very active guy. He likes going for runs outdoor -- and not only as a result of it's given him a smooth six pack and pecs of steel. He also likes dressed those tight jogging shorts as a result of they show off his large cock and enormous butt. And being in the wilderness with strangers wandering around every so often is quite sexual for him! More than anything, JD likes public crazy and the adrenaline rush he feels knowing he could get caught at and all second. When he finally has a male in his clutches, JD likes to best more than anything. But he admits his buns is "doable," proving this point by peeling down his skin-tight shorts and letting both his round buns sluts famous out. After he almost got caught handjobs his dick behind a rock, JD retreated back to the car to finally release his load. With all the sweet hijinks he got himself into that day, it didn't take him very monster to get off at all... rock cock 2013-03-23 3:18
Feliz Andrews and Scott Alexander in Dad's Horrible Lad dad lad 2012-06-01 3:06
Wrestlers get privately coached before getting fucked by their coach coach fuck 2009-12-11 1:53
Brace guys get their throbbing peckers in dad's fuck pussies men sex 2012-05-22 2:00
These uncut Euro twinks are as beautiful as they cum, with gorgeous faces and smooth, lickable bodies. The buttocks looks spectacular as he rides his friends cock, in a sweat inducing fuck. The best cums while taking pounded in this position, shooting up onto his ripped 6-pack. His friend follows with an equally nice load. cock fuck 2012-07-08 2:02
Marc my roommate is so fine. He has the great whore with muscles I never knew existed. I was watching him from the other room, slowly Handjobs myself off. I went up him and started kissing hiss large wet cock.I knew I had him, after I shoved his penis in my mouth. He was so turned on he couldn't resist me. I banged him so good. He'll came back for more. cock fuck 2012-01-13 4:00
What happens when pair sweaty young guys finish sports practice, they have savage and savage porno of course! Puppy dog jock Evan Parker and blondy twink Stefan Nash star in this sweet new act and they both must be lusty because they can't resist deep throating each other's boy meat. After the foreplay the pleasure really starts and Evan mercilessly plows Stefan until both of their gigantic cocks erupt with pleasure. Starring: Evan Parker, Stefan Nash blond blowjob 2013-05-27 2:15
Jacob Marteny and Tal Taylor have been maintaining a hot relationship from coast to coast. fuck anal 2013-06-03 5:01
Dominik...You catch 1 look at this Latin babe and you'll know why we chose him to be on BlacksOnBoys. He is something you don't see on our web page every week...a nice and tan, muscular, masculine man. We thought since most of our updates have skinny, tiny twinks or older men who are only plain freaks, that we would treat you to something a tiny different...but in a gorgeous way! Let us know how you like it. men muscle 2012-01-23 1:46
Pounded Down Directed by Chris Ward, Tony Dimarco, & Steve Cruz Everyone is going down creating huge throbbing cocks that reach a point where they have the need to discover a loving glory hole to pound. The intensity grows: stimulating, stirring, drumming up the serious bareback porn energy...until all that churning gagging pounding down in the loins may no longer be contained, leading the ultimate porn conclusion! Scene 1: Wilfried Knight and Kennedy Carter Holed up in their messy camp, Wilfried Knight and Kennedy Carter do their best to make the most of the mundane tasks that they have been ordered to attend to. The Two soldiers work silently until Kennedy rests behind his fucker to knead his shoulders and neck. Wilfried responds to the massage with sly smiles and they begin to kiss each other affectionately. The huge GI then licks his buddy's prick, deepthroating the shaft all the way down to its base. Kennedy received so excited that he fast assumes cocksucking duty, down on his knees and bent forward so Wilfried may reach over and play with his ass. Wilfried targets Kennedy's rear even more, spreading the smooth sweethearts apart so his tongue may dig gagging to slobber the moist hole, juicing it up for a plump schlong invasion. They damn fast and rigid before flipping so Kennedy may bon Wilfried's asshole. Nothing beats having your own serviceman service you and Kennedy lays back so Wilfried may damn him again until all their efforts at the end culminate with Two explosive blasts of cum. Scene 2: Caedon Chase and Michael Brandon Looking dopey in his orange jockstrap, Caedon Chase is the newbie waiting to be schooled. Michael Brandon struts in, coarse and stiff in his leather harness and ebony jockstrap, to begin the training session. He teases Caedon's chocolate hole with spicy tongue jabs; then force feeds the novice his sloppy cock. His boner bone grows greater and firmer as it inches its way in and out of Caedon's chops. The young submissive then received on all fours with his surly Head prepared and anxious to mount him. Michael grabs the waistband of the orange jockstrap as if they were reins, slams his schlong inside his underling's anal crack and rides hard. Then with Caedon on his back, his arms interlacing his legs to spread them far apart, Michael continues the assault delivering more punishing blows. The eager student reaches down and jerks himself off, shooting streams of cum up across his mug. And his sneering Head draws the lesson to its close, masturbating until he shoots his slutty load all over. Scene 3: Aybars & Trent Locke Aybars' black looks are the gorgeous complement to Trent's milky appearance and both hunks are rugged examples of true male beauty. After some serious lip locks, Trent explores Aybars' muscled torso. His tongue lapping at his partner's hirsute pecs, then traces down his ripped abs along the treasure trail until he hits the plump jackpot throbbing between his legs. He laps at Aybars' swollen schlong leisurely and sensuously, then clamps his lips tightly onto the shaft and licks it down. Aybars responds with a lusty rim job on Trent's ass, his tongue drilling through the thicket of anal hole hair to reach the hidden treasure. Then mounting Trent, Aybars bonks his partner fiercely looking like a caballero riding his white steed. Both guys are in sync as they rock back and forth, their flanks sheening with sweat. Trent then sits atop Aybars' plump stuff and bounces up and down while jacking himself off. He spunk fountain and Aybars fast follows with his equally impressive picture of jism. Scene 4: Kriss Aston and Will Helm Kriss Aston is a huge muscled man enslaved by the idea of being disciplined by a slighter but more porn and somewhat sinister-looking Master. And so he is on his knees, sucking Will Helm's yummy cock. He massages the solid boner bone with his tongue, bathing the giant shaft and packed ball sack with his spit. Will is appreciative as he looks down on his huge young guy but soon, crazed with lusty power, he demands more. In a flash he's positioned behind Kriss jamming his chocolate hole with his hefty stuff and pounding it down with a non-stop Episode of thrusts. Then the huge man is flat on his back with Will standing between his legs and holding onto his ankles to hold his legs spread apart. Will bonks Kriss even harder, plunging in and out madly, punching as far inside as he can. Unable to hold back and now prepared to explode, Will withdraws, rips off his condom and shoots his load in 1 of the most amazing cum shots you have ever seen. Kriss is left to entire himself off, and as Will tweaks his titties, he jacks off until he at the end busts his nut. anal oral 2013-04-11 2:00
Trent Locke cannot wait to gloat to his hard-working colleague Spencer Whitman about the promotion he only got. Little does Spencer know, Trent only got the promotion do to his tongue tricks. Desperate for a promotion himself, Spencer learns only how altogether that promotion was achieved. hard little 2011-07-21 1:00
AJ comes out of the Bath to give Afrodisiac some release shower give 2012-08-02 2:00
Some shared masturbating goes all out in this hard sauna bang between 4 cum-loaded lads! ass fuck 2013-06-12 5:01
After the hunky college wrestler Austin Grant came twice he switched places with Nurse AJ. hunk college 2012-08-06 2:30
The latest and greatest new gangsta gangbang has arrived with a swag of hotties like Dr O and Maxamillion holding the nail fort with a gangbang of other young studs. Here they get the orgy warmed up with some oral worship; doing sure those monstercocks are ready to go for the amusement to cum. sucking orgy 2012-07-09 2:00
Henry Samson and Jack Masters flip-flop nail with plenty of cum and protect game hard fuck 2013-06-12 5:01
This Latin twink duett deliver some fascinating looking acrobatic fucking poses in this gym-set video. They'll be burning galore of calories with the work out they have. fuck sucking 2012-08-22 2:00
It may seem like Devon Pryce behaves badly on purpose, just so he may get punished by Jeff Sterne. He moans with pleasure as Sterne lays down the law on his ass cheeks. Each swat brings him pleasure and pain, and he leaves feeling the burn on his flesh yet quite satisfied. ass pleasure 2011-07-26 2:39
bouncing up and down and filling his tight ass with every inch of his friends cock. cock ass 2012-03-08 2:10
Coeds boyfriend takes every inch of a older guy's dick men sex 2012-05-22 2:00
Travis Groves is in the mood to groove, and boy he does prove that he's got all the right jerks off to get the business done. See this smooth young gay man bring himself to a sticky finish in our 8teenboy solo. Starring: Travis Groves job twink 2012-05-30 2:26
Lucas needs this dryer fixed so he can get his laundry done. He called over a handyman, Sebastian, to catch a look. Luckily Sebastian is able to discover the issue although it seems Lucas is best of only replacing the finish dryer because it will cost a lot to fix. “Can’t you only help me out”, say Lucas, “I’ll make it worth your while”. fixed problem 2011-07-21 1:00
Gene Neely, Mason Coxx in BIG Coxx 2011-06-01 1:37
Mike King in King Dong dong 2011-06-15 1:34
Restrained against a cross, Justin James can't even watch what's coming when Ashton Bradley gets his whip out for a good flogging. When he's done receiving his captive red and raw, Ashton fucks him gagging in 1 final scene of humiliation. fuck final 2012-04-03 2:00
Pleased Parker gets double the fun when Anthony and his friend Jasper arrive fun friend 2013-05-17 1:35
The sun beats down from above as muscled gay male Dominic strokes his extremely cock outdoor cum 2013-06-03 5:13
It doesn't take long for these two twinks to lift up the towels across their barely clad bodies and get down to several twinkie sucking. They move into a passionate 69er position before receiving into several ass-grinding in front of the camera. ass sucking 2012-07-08 2:00
Xxx star Dominic shares an intimate solo bone stroke and dildo Anus fuck! ass outdoor 2013-06-03 5:13
In the fourth installment of Helix Academy Jessie Montgomery finally uncovers the secret society, and to join the society all blonde hottie Jessie Montgomery has to do is get bunch banged by all the Helix Academy boys. Now this is going to be fun. Jessie is strapped to a porn swing while all the Helix young dudes take their turns stretching out Jessie's smooth boy hole with their huge ragging hard boners. This could be the best part of the Helix Academy series so far!!! Starring: Chase Young, Luke Allen, Anderson Lovell, Jessie Montgomery, Evan Parker blond blowjob 2013-06-11 2:25
Savage and horny Lekbon and his boy having aggressive foreplay leads to hot cock licking cock sucking 2012-03-08 2:10
Nice European jock boy John Parker has been saving up a load, and now he's ready to shoot it! gay solo 2013-06-04 5:01
This week on "The Storm" cherry jock Connor Kline is still being held hostage and stud Kellan Parker is trying to get information from him about the rebel camp. Kellan can't get Connor to tell him what he wants to know so Kellan decides he is at least going to get his dick sucked. Connor is all too willing to wrap his lips around Kellan's penis and go to work. After receiving his dick wet Kellan bows Connor over a table and fucks him like there is no tomorrow. Connor loves receiving stretched out by Kellan's giant penis and the pair erupt, jizzing all over Connor's giant muscles. Starring: Connor Kline, Kellan Parker blowjob anal 2013-07-07 2:59
What happens when 3 sharp boys Jamie Sanders, Ian Levine and Evan Parker all live together? Jamie Sanders gets meat from both ends obviously. Ian Blowjobs off Evan, Evan Blowjobs Ian and Jamie the greedy little cock slut that he is gives boss to Evan and Ian. Jamie the newest Helix model also gets fucked ragged by both Ian and Evan. Check out all the licking and screwing in this stellar cool Helix Studios threesome. Starring: Evan Parker, Ian Levine, Jamie Sanders blond blowjob 2013-05-27 2:30
Hot models Scotty Clarke and Christian Collins go on a nice peaceful camping trip. After spending a relaxing day fishing out on the lake they come back to their tent where the real fun starts. Christian begins eagerly sucking and slurping Scotty's raging boner then the smooth and sexy twink Scotty received his turn licking Christian's enormous cock. after the suck fest Scotty jumps Christian's rock hard dick. Don't miss a minute of Scotty Clarke's first scene as a Helix model. Starring: Christian Collins, Scotty Clarke blond blowjob 2013-08-10 2:35
Blond hottie Nicholas Reed and passionate young gay man Evan Parker bump and grind in the great outdoors. Evan received hungry after a hike in the woods so he chows down on Nicholas' big hard sausage. Nicholas is hurry to take his turn sucking on Evan's ragging boner, and after the all the oral amusement Nicholas grabs a tree branch and holds on for dear life while Evan fucks his tight small man hole. Good thing no was around cuz Nicholas may not help but cry with happiness while Evan is driving his cock throat inside him. The two young guys finish things off by blowing their loads all over Nicholas' sexual small tummy. Starring: Evan Parker, Nicholas Reed blond blowjob 2013-07-26 2:23
Austin soon learns that to get the raise he wants, he'll have to do a small more than only job to get ahead of his peers. little dominate 2011-05-20 5:04
Slathering himself with sunblock gets Marco Russo hot and horny at the beach. He decides there's no enjoyment way to have a fun yourself at the sand than enjoying...yourself. Sprouting a huge hard-on, Marco strokes himself in and out of the water, then releases an explosive shot of hot cum. Starring: Marco Russo hard huge 2012-05-23 2:11

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Collin Oneal spews a massive, geyser-like feed all over Mike massive load 2012-02-07 2:00
Kurt's got several boxes buried swallow in his closet and Blake totally does not wish to help his ex-lover out with unloading them. It's the same old story, the beloved asks out you to "casually talk" in a public city park to avoid the inevitable fight, except this time "fine but we're not having sex" gets quite tossed out. That's not the only tossing going on. Catch these Couple ex-lovers going to city on their hard cocks, tight holes and smooth gay boy bodies in this EXcellent makeup session. Starring: Kurt Summers, Blake Elliott hard cock 2012-06-10 1:54
They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but the small time apart from Jayden Grey has only made me hornier. Thank God this Beautiful specimen is back to make us all suck our loads in worship of his supreme twinkiness in this fresh Public jerk-off video. twink jerk 2010-11-09 2:00
My name is Mr. Republic aka "Predator Of White Boys". I never stop my hunt for tasty white young guys so it was time to leap in my journey and go on the prowl. I'd almost given up my quest when my radar picked up this tasty white boy at the bus stop. I was able to earn his trust and he was about to earn my swarthy penis in his mouth....if I played my acts right! I sucked his white penis as he took his first swarthy schlong right down his throat. He was in for a rude awakening if he thought it was going to finish there. I slammed my erect hard swarthy penis right up his puckered white backdoor while his eyes popped out of his head. I went balls deep on this guy which made me question if he was lying about never fucking a brotha before. I kept fucking away and he came all over his belly and I shortly painted his face with my swarthy hose. It was grass, cash, or backdoor in my journey and he more than willingly gave up the ass. rock hard 2012-01-23 2:22
So this week we have Alexis back on the bus with a fresh guest Matt, we hit up south beach and see what we may encounter. We spot Darius walking around and decide to make the move. We intrigue him with the idea of using him for modeling but once we get him on the bus we hit him with the haymaker. Once he awakens from being dazed and confused we throw few bucks at him and he goes for the bait. money idea 2012-08-10 3:00
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Intrigue joins us once again here at and he's bring us another cute white boy. His name is Micah Andrews, is "mostly straight", never been with a dark dude before and loves to suck dick. I think Micah has approach to the right place. Once they meet up in public they jump into the ride and boss back to the pad and get right down to business. Intrigue whips out his super sized dark boner and lets Micah have a mouthful of delight before really giving it to him. Like I said, Micah has never had a dark dick and not any nearly this big so when Micah hops up on Intrigues lap and takes a seat and slides down every inch like a pro...I was impressed. cock dick 2012-01-23 2:23
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From Tony Dimarco! Uncensored Pissing, Sucking and Fucking Footage!It's the finish of the night, a bar surface littered with empties, Alessio Romero swallows his penis on his last beer for the night as he's is cruised by rough-trade looking, Josh West. West received a swig of his beer. He eyes Romero's dark Latino nice looks as he drinks his beer and strokes his hardening penis through his jeans. West pulls out his extra big engorged penis and starts to stroke his man-pipe. Romero received another swig, then walks over and deeply kisses West first before dropping to his knees to grasp West's large member into his waiting mouth. West coats his penis with beer as Romero swallows his penis it up. The beer has made them both finish and it's not monster before West needs to relieve himself. He pulls his penis from Romero's lips and pisses in it. Romero laps up as lots as he may but it's too lots to consume. West jet all over Romero's face and soaks his skirt in urine. 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Casting Sofa #100: Ricci Julian, Alexandre couch casting 2014-02-20 1:55
2 very hot boy scouts train a third on what scouts really do really train 2012-03-06 1:59
Madrid Bulls Stag Homme #9 Directed by Damien Crosse and Francesco D'Macho Stag Homme presents a cool gangbang of situational smut scenes that will get you horned up and handjobs off. Superstar model/directors Damien Crosse and Francesco D'Macho catch you on savage drive through their vibrant and cum-filled fantasies. From office smut to a celebratory bang between gangster bank robbers and pure guy pumping to smut shop counter attendants who attend to each other, these artistic vignettes get you going because they're realistic, gritty and creative. None is more imaginative and exquisitely filmed than 'Haleeb,' a spectacular outdoor scene featuring Damien Crosse, Eliad Anastos and milk. You have to watch it! Episode 1: David Dirdam & Damien Crosse "Dirty Caballeros" David Dirdam and Damien Crosse are Couple executives with an insatiable erotic appetite. The chemistry between these Couple men is off the charts! 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