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Enjoying cola enema enema 2011-11-03 2:00
Keylan works his ass up & down Max's cock in the open air outdoor anal 2013-05-21 2:00
Get ya freek on for a horsehung brutha free-for-all. This tangle of beautiful ebony harlots in an all out, everything goes porn orgy that will desert you begging for an invitation to their next large fuck-fest. These dawgs sure know how to get down and dirty! orgy sex 2012-07-09 2:00
No Title 2013-03-13 1:49
The first installment of Helix Academy is finally here and in the scene premier we are introduced to blond bombshell Jessie Montgomery beginning his studies at The Academy. Hunky gay man Evan Parker shows Jessie the ropes around campus and after a busy first day the shy coeds is ready for several rest. That's never going to happen when athletic stallion Evan asks out hot frat schoolboy Luke Allen over to their room for a small fun. Evan and Luke start really going at it, waking up Jessie who seems to enjoy the boy-on-boy show. These smooth and awesome boarding school twinks really know how to drill and are front and center in this hot new series. Starring: Evan Parker, Luke Allen, Jessie Montgomery, Dad Glenn blond blowjob 2013-05-27 2:07
A potentially smelly situation gets perfect when JR Bronson admits he would get off on the sexy aromas from Landon Conrad's pits and crotch. After the guys get to fucking, JR is still turned on for raunchy stud odor so he buries his face in one of Landon's shoes and goes to sniffer's heaven with a hard stick drilling his ass. cock ass 2012-10-31 2:25
It's difficult remembering that Ashton Stone is licking dick through a glory hole in this new video, mainly because the warm pieced and blondy boy has got 1 of the cutest little sluts on display as he sucks it in his underwear. Here's a Boynapped twink that'll have you hard as stone too. hard cock 2011-10-20 2:00
Yo! There's a party in the house! Nine enormous dick brotha's going at it and the word is - lets get it on Gang style. So sit back and grab in these on-the-down-low thugs as they swallow big, fellow black pecker and love it! cock anal 2012-07-09 2:00
Suspended from the groud like something out of a science fiction film, Steven Prior is back and in the very unsafe hands of Ashton Bradley once again. Don't miss seeing the levitating lush get what's cuming to him in this jerk-off and extremely lick encounter. Try as he may, there's only 1 way this is going to end... hard suck 2012-01-26 2:00
Joshua takes green enema enema 2011-11-03 2:00
Smooth slender oriental twink jerks his grip while he gets a fat grip up his tight asshole cock ass 2012-03-08 2:10
It's an ass-eating occasion to begin off this big, dirty black orgy. You'll not believe how far into this buttocks our hole-licker gets, his head even received pushed into it by 1 of his fellow participants. When these tough thugs at last get round to hammering that ass, it's well-lubricated as you may imagine. When 1 of our sexually aroused bottoms is fucked, his lips is held shut to stop all the moaning he's exerting, and who may blame him when he's got that massive rod inside him. fuck sucking 2012-07-09 2:00
The bareback fun continues in this fresh video featuring ThugOrgy favorites such as Thugzilla and Trap Boyy. Complete with some very hot rimming action before those bareback black sausages get put into action, it's a group fuck bonanza not to be missed. sucking orgy 2012-07-09 2:02
The sex ride these Latino gay boy pups possess is simply unstoppable, so they’re prepared to get it on whenever their young rods begin bulging and their mouths begin salivating in anticipation of a wonderful oral job. Should the passion hit them outdoors, so be it. They never miss out on a occasion to have fun! cock job 2013-03-27 3:00
This hot gangbang opens with two thugs deep-rimming each other in a striking 69er, while their fellow participants job on each other's dicks in the background. When the ass-slamming takes started, our fuckers take to the coffee table so they can position their holes exceeded for the onslaught to come. It's accompanied by naughty talk that's really going to get you in the mood. anal 69 2012-07-09 2:00
Slathering himself with sunblock gets Marco Russo hot and horny at the beach. He decides there's no enjoyment way to have a fun yourself at the sand than enjoying...yourself. Sprouting a huge hard-on, Marco strokes himself in and out of the water, then releases an explosive shot of hot cum. Starring: Marco Russo hard huge 2012-05-23 2:11
Poor Josh Hancock keeps falling into Sebastian's trap over and over again. This time, he's to the ceiling and his mouth is duct-taped shut. He's so frightened he pisses himself before Sebastian takes control and starts masturbate that chubby cock and shoving toys up this twink's ass. cock ass 2012-10-24 2:00
The sweaty tales of Los Angeles continue in this second installment of Welcome to LA. This time Justin Owen is off to his first audition in Burbank. He practices his lines outdoor for the new scene movie, FUSE. He feels prepared and confident. He walks into anal hardcore 2013-10-11 3:17
The sensual tension that's been brewing between Jack Masters and Tony Parker is at the end broken! fuck ride 2013-06-03 5:01
Parker Wright has some time without the wife and fast takes advantage with Kirk Cummings wife cumming 2013-05-17 2:16
Ryan Rockford isn't impressed with Dominic Reed's wrestling trophies so the dudes charm in a awesome match ref'd by Johnny Rapid. When Ryan comes out on underwear he decides to share his prize with Johnny Prompt and the dudes pass his bum back and forth! cock ass 2012-09-18 2:30
Joe drives his meat depths inside newcomer Johnny's hairy ass anal hairy 2013-05-21 2:00
Derek throws Latin stud Jordano on his back & teases his ass outdoor anal 2013-05-07 2:00
Caleb Johnson says he'll do anything for a job. And he means anything! Evan Parker takes Caleb into his workshop and teaches the naive teen exactly what to do with a stiff board. Caleb is an apt pupil as Evan hammers home the lesson with his clean shaven cock. See Evan's washboard abs ripple while drilling Caleb's tight tide ass until he blows his feed all over the shop floor. Starring: Caleb Johnson, Evan Parker twink 2013-09-16 6:06
Tal Taylor makes sure Kirk Cummings' wife is busy so they may fuck, fuck wife 2013-05-17 1:19
Recovering from his problems at home Jessie Montgomery retreats to his aged dorm bedroom at Helix Academy. Cheerful memories are conjured up as Jessie finds his Crescent Club medallion, academy gym shirt and aged photos which spark a recollection of his time in the locker bedroom with Jamie Sanders. Visions of Jamie's nice tongue wrapped around his throbbing dick inspire Jessie to start stroking himself in the empty dorm room. Temperatures continue to rise at the thought of his big reveal cock slamming Jamie's perfectly tight hole on the locker bedroom bench. And memories of his earth-shaking orgasm that filled Jamie to the brim and slowly ran down the crush of his round ass is too lots for Jessie to handle and he explodes in ecstasy all over his own stomach. Starring: Jamie Sanders, Jessie Montgomery, Kennedy Monre, Ryker Madison, Aiden Summers, Andy Taylor, Scotty Clarke twink bareback 2013-09-12 6:11
Gorgeous Helix "new boy" Andy Taylor wakes up to find puppy dog jock Evan Parker still cuddling with him from the night before. Andy is trapped in couch so begins passing the time jacking off to some quality Internet porn. When Evan has finally stirred from his slumber and finds Andy stiff and horny, these two smokin' hot mans really hot outerwear up. An amazing morning blow and fuckfest follows featuring gay man bra Evan giving power bottom Andy a blowjob pounding. Starring: Evan Parker, Andy Taylor blowjob anal 2013-05-27 2:28
Hung stud Evan Parker continues doing his rounds of the Helix newbie's. This time Evan is fucking sexy smooth young gay man Corey Haynes. Corey can't wait to bone down with Evan and he is more than happy to pummel Corey's tight little young guy hole. Corey is already doing a big splash here at Helix and this cock hussy will surely become a fan favorite. Just watch how eager he is to get fucked! Starring: Evan Parker, Corey Haynes blowjob anal 2013-06-28 2:34
No Title 2013-03-13 2:51
Car troubles have derailed the young gay man road trip forcing the teens to rent a cabin for the night. Nicholas Reed is making his best to salvage the situation by trying to get a fire going in the cabin but without any help from his buddies he at last gives up and heads outside to clear his head. His luck turns when rugged hunk Felix Warner comes to the rescue offering a helping hand to the young blonde boy. Felix fast leads the way back into the cabin but does the horny hot jock have another motive for wanting to get the stupid little camper alone? Starring: Nicholas Reed, Felix Warner twink big dick 2013-09-05 2:53
bald and tattooed gay fucking gay boy fuck gay 2012-02-17 1:03
Puppy dog jock Evan Parker breaks in Helix newbie Dylan Hall in this sexy fresh scene. Evan absolutely uses and abuses Dylan's tight little dude hole while Dylan begs for more like a true cock slut. Dylan likes it so much he takes a turn on top riding Evan's raging hard cock like his life depends on it. Don't miss this terrific suck and copulate with two of porn's newest rising stars. Starring: Evan Parker, Dylan Hall blond blowjob 2013-06-22 2:43
For Evan Parker's FIRST BOTTOMING SCENE he spends the warm summer day playing strip tennis with young stud Andy Taylor. As more clothes come off the two twinks move to the bedroom. Evan goes down on Andy taking his giant smooth cock nice and extremely before taking his own male hole loosened up with some nice rimming. Andy takes his turn deep throating Evan's huge dick and when all the oral foreplay is over Evan finally rides Andy's penis long and hard. The males flip flop so Andy can climb on Evan's boy-pole cow-girl style until they both blowjob their loads. Don't miss stud Evan Parker bottoming for the first time in this fantastic flip fuck scene! Starring: Evan Parker, Andy Taylor blowjob anal 2013-07-13 3:25
It's been a long, sweaty ramrod of a summer but the second you've been waiting for is finally here...Helix Academy is now back in session!!! The school year begins with Father Glenn up to his old tricks welcoming the new new faced students to the Academy. This first installment features high school heartthrob Andy Taylor masturbating in the middle of class while blond cutie Scotty Clarke tries to fit in with his new friends by begging hot jock Evan Parker to screw him. Follow the sweet sound of school bells to find out what kind of trouble these preppy cute boys with get into next! Starring: Evan Parker, Scotty Clarke blond blowjob 2013-08-19 2:08
High up in the hills our 2 guys, Josh and Danny drive for ages hoping to approach across a hot hill walker, and like always, our boys choose only the right road. With a back-pack on his back we discover Todd, a very fantastic country male out walking in the afternoon sunshine. Not an easy 1 to convince, but at the end our boys talk Todd into climbing aboard and before long all 3 are hard at it in the back of the van. Josh takes cock for the very first-time as Danny watches Todd dick Joshs arse without mercy. After all 3 boys jet their hot loads we drive Todd back into city and then throw him out before driving away. Todd received no drive house and no cash! The guy's gutted, but we don't give a toss! home hard 2012-10-24 1:54
The boarding university young dudes are back for part brace of Helix Academy! Smooth gay man Casey Tanner heats up this segment by sucking senior stud Kellan Parker until the pretty jock is so sexually aroused he fucks the sassy frat behind school. Kellan pummels Casey with his big veiny stick and all the young man may do is keep on to a tree and pray he isn't split in half by the raging boner. Once again, young voyeur Jessie Montgomery finds himself watching the pretty sexyal action from afar. When stick slut Casey spies Jessie, the cool man is at the end able to join the sexy fun as Casey blows his virgin man stick to entire off this pretty installment of Helix Academy. Starring: Casey Tanner, Kellan Parker, Jessie Montgomery blond blowjob 2013-05-29 2:45
The sharp solar rays, beat down on a sun-drenched vineyard in wine country. Overheated, Damien Crosse received a well-deserved crack from plowing, and needs to unleash his swollen bladder fucked with piss. Working nearby, Chris Porter is more than willing to be Damiens pee receptacle. Chris drops eagerly to his knees, anticipating Damiens steady pee stream from his buxom rock-hard cock. Damien soaks Chris face and clothes, giving Porter liquid relief from the crisp heat. Chris thirstily sucks the last drops from Damiens buxom man pipe, and continues to blow the urine-coated stick as Damien spits in his face. Now well lubricated, Crosse begins fuckin' Porters throat. Letting loose a finish torrent of piss, coating Chris throat, as he received it all in. With Chris now ready to return the favor, the pee pigs exchange kneeling and standing positions. Chris urine covers Damiens face and mouth, dripping down to soak his hairy chiseled chest. Damien proceeds to chow down on Porters cock, sucking, and swallowing a stick covered, with spit and piss. The two trade off, taking stoops peeing on each other, until Damien received charge and bends the job male over a table. Spitting on his crack, Damien shoves his buxom man-meat mercilessly into Porters hole. Porter received it, a mixture of pain and pleasure and pleasure are reviled on his face, as he received the shit hes been waiting for. Damien picks up speed, and begins to power shit the smaller stud. With an unrelenting stroke, Damiens tool digs depths on Chris hole, as he screws it harder and harder. Crosse then flips Porter over to shit him missionary, but not before he unloads another round of piss, soaking Chris slut fully. Chris joins in, and releases his own river, soaking himself, now already glistening under the sunlight. Damien shoves his stick in yet again, and screws Chris to orgasm. Still building to finish, Damien continues to shit Chris, suddenly pulling out his shit tool, to jet his buxom white feed over Chris cum and urine-stained shirt. hardcore 2013-04-11 2:00
It's young Euro threeway time, guys, and boy have I got a passionate trio of sexy Czech young dudes for you to enjoy. These muscle twinks with their sweet uncut cocks are going to have you steaming up the screens before they even take their pantyhose off. What a scorching passionate bunch. twink threeway 2011-07-01 2:00
Handsome and sexually aroused Ari gets hard and jerks off out a beautiful feed on the water outdoor gay 2013-06-03 5:13
Joe throws Parker on the ground as he buries his sausage deeper anal hairy 2013-05-17 2:00
Brock Landon gets Parker Perry's uncut stick up his husky boots after galore of oral cock ass 2013-05-17 2:35
Brendan James is back for his first duett and he's treated to a fuck from Terry Lawson. fuck ride 2013-06-04 5:01
They rip each other's underwear off while Wesley takes ready to take Ryan's big, thick dick by first putting it in his mouth. cock thick 2011-05-20 2:36
English lad Niall has traveled to the council estates of South London. He’s searching for some RudeBoi cock. He hooks up with Matt Brooks and he’s not disappointed! Both are hard as nails as they get down to it and Matt is obviously turned on by Niall’s slender, toned body. Mutual dick swallowing between the chavz is minute to none, with both servicing each other with hot tongues and lips. Matt lifts Niall’s legs up and wets the wet hole, his cock stiff at the thought of plunging inside the scally boy. Matt’s thick shaft stretches the tight gloryhole and he screws away, easy at first. But once Niall’s hungry gloryhole gets used to being full, Matt goes to town! hard cock 2012-08-23 1:48
Brenn Wyson and Doug Jeffries in Daddy-O 'Gasm daddy 2012-06-01 1:35
daddy drills with twinks fuck twink 2012-02-17 1:02
The action-loving older partner try to grip the fat, thick, long, pulsing shaft of his young partner men sex 2012-05-22 2:00
A bunch memo was sent out today stating there is no fraternization amongst management and employees allowed. “So that means you can’t date anyone or hook up with your co-workers? That’s stupid,” says Johnny. “But what if I were to rub on you and play with your nipples, isn’t that distracting from work?” asks Krys. “Yeah,” says Johnny, “but it’s nice…” play hook 2011-07-21 1:00

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The twink's rock hard dick wrecks that older asshole and covers this face. men sex 2012-05-22 2:00
All glass of water Alan Donnelli is so insane to get screwed by Mark in this video that when it finally received to the anal hole portion of their encounter you may see him ready to famous in anticipation. He isn't disappointed and neither will you be when you see the fantastic dynamic between these brace Czech twinks. Mark really lets abandoned on his buttocks with few impressive doggy-style scene on the couch that'll have you struggling to hold your feed like Alan is. ass fuck 2012-07-08 2:00
Brenn Wyson, Damon Audigier in Pile Driving Daddy daddy 2011-03-10 1:45
Gay older man slams his stick inside a younger ass men sex 2012-05-22 2:00
Adam Rogue in Bear Necessities bear 2012-06-01 1:35
When dudes want it they want it now, whenever and wherever they can! Casual sex, public places and outdoor spaces... It's all 'Caught On Tape' in this high energy sex-capade directed by Steve Cruz starring Raging Stallion's 2011 Dudes of the Year - D.O. and Adam Champ! hardcore 2013-04-11 2:00
Diego Vena, Junior Verde in Daddy's Laddy junior daddy 2011-05-05 1:41
Fat Daddy Sucks Out A Feed suck load 2013-06-12 1:03
Smooth and sexy hunk Evan Parker gets down and smutty in this beautiful LIVE show. Don't miss Evan stroking his huge cock, and introducing two of Helix's newest models. twink stud 2013-06-15 2:34
Relaxed on the doctor's bench, Leo Foxx lies waiting to find his fate. Hoping to the turn Leo into a regular at the Mill Factory, Sebastian plans to give him the massage of a life time. As Leo and Sebastian enjoy a enormous smoke, Sebastian brings Leo's stick alive with a tormenting, slow boner massage which has Leo moaning with pleasure. Fag after fag, Sebastian brings Leo to the edge time and again before slowing almost to a stop. It brings Leo to an intense culmination which results is stream after stream of the straight lad's semen shooting over his face and body. cock dick 2011-04-05 2:00
The military is all about team work, and Ricky Sinz really works with furry pecced Jake Deckard to ensure their bottom prey, Trey Casteel, is held down rough so they may both have their way with his hole. Trapping him in a head-lock while Jake plows his ass, you can't get and all more erotically aggressive in a threeway than this trio. ass head 2012-08-23 1:59
Jordan Ashton's real dad doesn't think he's a man, but sugar dad Preston Steel is lucky to change that! job man 2012-04-10 2:35
The older guy discover the sticky gloryhole he was looking for with his finger, and the natural fun began. men sex 2012-05-22 2:00
Bailey Onice is back and suspended by restraints above the ground in the most crazy and vunerable of positions. He's left in the well hung Ashton Bradley's capable hands, who has a amazing wax encounter in mind for this boy. position air 2012-05-25 2:00
Jason Sparks might be nervous about Dakota's parents catching them fucking, but 1 look of that cock is all he needs hard fuck 2013-01-18 5:03
Tristan received pissed when he finds that his roommate and tenant Sebastian is smoking cigarettes on the premises! Sebastian, however, doesn't seem to have a care in the world, and tells him that he pays rent there, so he may do as he pleases! Tristan received ready to evict him, but Sebastian wants to resolve the problem another way … the way that involves Tristan's at-work wife not finding out that her husband is fucking Sebastian! wife roommate 2011-12-08 1:00
Once they have the house to themselves Sencer Keve and Brycen Cox are quick to get exposed and indecent in bed. Sencer wants to try something cool and breaks out a mask to blind Cox from the action. Brycen can be blindfolded but he can felt and eat Keve's tight young gay man boots in his face as he finger fucks and munches hungrily on his tide pink hole. Then the super young gay man sits down on Brycen's lap, grinding his huge uncut cock throat into his guts. Cox is intent on brutally fucking the tiny young guys smooth ass, but there are no complaints from Sencer who gets each hard thrust with ejaculation and strokes his long tool to a sticky load. hard cock 2011-10-02 1:42
Preston Metallic doesn't want to hear Hunter Starr complaining about his petite tv, so he shuts him up with his big cock! cock hunter 2012-04-30 5:02
Adam is getting a private karate lection from Mike. When Adam goes to throw a punch, Mike catches his arm and tosses Adam over his shoulder. Adam hits the ground Cute hard and feels like he pulled a muscle. Taking a smash Mike offers to massage Adams thigh to get the knot out, tide does he know Adam is wanting more than just his leg rubbed out. hard muscle 2011-07-21 1:00
Thugzilla gathers the boys round for a bit of friendly foreplay banter to get clothes started in this star-studded thug bang. He even controls to get few of his guys to give him a stem rub. The massage quickly bends very sexual when his fat sausage arrive out and the other hotties follow suit. It in a short time evolves into an all-out dick-eating fest. dick job 2012-07-09 2:00
Shady Paparazzo Marco Sessions is caught photographing private information about the star he is stalking: Issac Jones. With no way out, Marco submits to being Power fed the gigantic stuff of the star's bodyguard, Harley Everett. Still not satisfied, Issac & Harley take turns fucking Marco's anus giving him a lesson he won't soon forget! cock ass 2012-09-05 1:12
Ain't no huge thang. Aint nothin' but a huge black bang! See these fine black brothers and badass thugs, jump each other hard. There is plenty of butt stunning and chocolate dick being swallowed by big, sweet lips including a face complete of freakish black meathook which closes out the vid. cock orgy 2012-07-09 2:00
These brothers are tight and head to Lake Arrowhead for not many outside adventures but spend more time exploring each other than the great out-doors, with not many great cabin action. Speak about cabin fever. These african buddies, get off, and get off ad get off. They do it bigger, better and harder in true thug orgy style. Dont miss out on this one. cock orgy 2012-07-09 2:00
When the sticks are this big, you wouldnt want to stop sucking right? Well suck and suck and suck is altogether what our orgy of thugs do. In series two, beautiful, smooth, hung dudes - all black and all strong - lick stick like only hungry black hunks can! cock muscle 2012-07-09 2:00
Trace Michaels in Sin & Bear It bear 2012-06-01 1:35
Hospital Patient Dylan Roberts is enjoying some self Cute when Phenix Saint and Chris Tyler enter the bedroom to tell him he is going to be released. The nurses notice his raging boner and decide to help him out, eventually being joined by Trevor Knight and Jessy Ares. For the first time in a Juice Orgy, this scene features TWO bottoms! cock ass 2012-07-27 1:11
Guillermo has got some gorgeous impressive tatts for a coeds guy. He got his first 1 at 18 and has been hooked ever since. Kind of like what happened when he first jacked off - and he's been hooked on that ever since as well which works out fantastic for us cause we get to watch! outdoor twink 2013-03-31 2:00
Adam Rogue in Bear Necessities bear 2012-06-01 1:35
Connor Maguire, Doc Erect in Daddy's Workout rock workout 2011-07-07 1:38
Newbie Keegan and Eric get introduced to the wild side of things. things wild 2012-07-12 2:42
Innocent Aiden Jason is perfect for ass hungry Ashton Bradley to use and abuse. With his feet in chains and suspended from the ceiling, Aiden may do nothing more then lay there and grab the fingers and toys Ashton uses to spread his hole. Once Ashton is lucky with Aiden's 'accommodation', he gives him what any other twink wonderful top would, a good rigid fuck! Aiden is boned and shafted harder and harder before Ashton finally shoots his load all over Coeds Aiden's wonderful chest. hard ass 2011-07-14 2:00
Luke Desmond's ripped, naked prostitute is strapped down to a massage table and it's not long before his large ramrod - at complete attention - is being jerked off. You need two hands to manage this beauty and Luke, who's blindfolded, is violent to lay there and catch the attention. cock massive 2012-06-06 2:00
Robert gets his huge man tool out for some reveal and tell in this solo video. You can craving to step back from the screen to fully take in that monster as this gorgeous twink gives it a jerk. outdoor solo 2012-08-06 2:00
Twinky houseboy Mason Love needs few extra cash from muscle daddy Josh Ford! muscle love 2013-05-17 1:58
This business meeting with Leo Forte and Boston Miles is dripping in sexual tension. The meeting is quickly followed by a steamy flip fuck. fuck business 2012-05-24 1:11
Barely 8teenboy Derrick Porter hooks up with Leo Porter for few nude gay friend fun. True gay friend fans with love this episode from beginning to end. Derrick and Leo strip each other down and fool around in their sexy gray briefs before Leo gives Derrick his first on screen BJ and rim job. Don't miss Leo tongue banging Derrick's sweety small hole, and burying his face in between the boy's smooth, porcelain ass cheeks. The floppy haired blonde then mounts young Leo, and proves that he can get it on a gay friend as well as any daddy. ass fuck 2011-03-20 2:24
Callum Astor and Lewis Backwell get some glory gloryhole act while Jack Hall jerks off off to the live show! blowjob cum 2013-06-12 4:31
big dicked father fucking with horny twinks fuck twink 2012-02-17 1:02
Tied up and bent over a nasty urinal, Aiden Jason is in the perfect position for the extreme anal fucking to come. Adam Watson received his hand ready, warming up Aiden's hole for an ass-stretching fisting that'll have you boning up to his cries of pain and pleasure. ass perfect 2012-04-10 2:00
Cameron Adams is hard at work when Trevor Knight walks in to help him with a little stress reliever massage. Cameron enjoys the massage so lots that he wants to give Trevor a little massage as well, however he wants to use his throat instead of his hands. hard knight 2011-07-21 1:10
Left to recover from his hot, explosive massage, pure dude Nathaniel Bronze finds himself entertaining crew member Luke Desmond. Luke likes pain and sweety candle wax torture, and really fancied Nathaniel after filming him with Sebastian. Horny as hell, Luke strips Nathaniel naked, received his own 9-inch stick out and sets to business licking Nathaniel's mammoth tool until he's dangerously close to orgasm. Luke releases his own sweety facial feed over Nathaniel's barely six-pack stomach before subjecting the screeching pure Coeds to a painful sweety wax session. Finally, his stick still hard, Luke lets Nathaniel's feed loose, leaving the abased dude drained and exhausted. hard cock 2011-02-22 2:00
Interracial bisex sexyal action with two guys and a lady on bisex101 guy sexual 2009-11-24 2:08
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Good-looking cub Benton Place, only got up and here he begins his day with a good dose of dick business out. The action begins with Benton examining his morning wood with his hands and took it out to stroke it until a huge wad of cum spurts into his chiseled abs. cock huge 2012-02-07 3:00
Spanked with Spanking Paddle spanking spank 2011-05-11 2:59
Shy boy fingered and milked by older friend friend older 2012-05-04 2:00
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